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Let’s Do This! .. happy new year, 2019

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WordPress Com vs Org – gold

MEMBER AREA (video) If you’re relatively new to WordPress, you may have been confused by the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. If so, you’re not alone! In this video, we’ll explain the differences between these two related — but distinctively different — versions of the popular WordPress web publishing software.

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I’m a Superman with my New Toy!

My new toy OnlyWire allows me to post simultaneously to my favourite 22 networks simultaneously - nuts! Step 1. Signed up for a OnlyWire.com free trial. They'll let me add up to fifty networks by the way! Step 2. Added my login info for (22 so far) networks. Step 3....

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The one key to being social

Honor! HA, all my Canadian friends are crying out "Honour" ... It's all good. Listen, either way, a sound Social Media strategy needs to embody honor! 100% of the time, no exceptions, even if it will cost you in the short run! We know what follows: trust, integrity,...

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Increase Productivity – Stretch Your Eyes

Your eyes need a holiday! I refer to them as micro-holidays, and I take a few of them every hour. They're important and they increase my productivity. Do you notice how its hard to sit still for long periods? This is because your muscles need to move. Keep them in one...

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