The Eco Hub with Candice Batista

“Keith has been instrumental in my success. When I first began blogging I had no idea what I was doing. I’m not technical at all! Keith has coached me in every facet of my business.​ From SEO to marketing to tags and photos, you name it, he’s gone above and beyond.” Candice Batista, Founder

Candice Batista’s Eco Blog

We met Candice in August 2016, and from the beginning it was clear she had a passion for our planet’s health and living a happy and sustainable lifestyle. We LOVED Candice’s dedication to this movement!

Candice’s first email read; “I need some help setting up a website. Call me.”

Challenge accepted. Today, with a very popular blog and active social media channels, Candice has had over 140,000 visitors to her website, 70% of whom return to The Eco Hub for advice and information.

The Eco Hub is now a nationally recognized source for information about living sustainably, shopping smart, and DIY recipes, to name a few.

In addition to her work online, Candice is a producer and contributor for CTV’s The Marilyn Dennis Show, and she appears regularly on TV sharing her very practical knowledge in living an Eco Friendly lifestyle.

Mission Accomplished: We love Candice’s drive – and have been honoured to be part of her journey. From zero to 140,000 eyes on blog is no easy feat, and Candice’s work ethic and daily grind has made our job a very fun and rewarding experience.


So proud to have been part of Candice’s journey!
How Did We Do?
Candice Batista, Founder of The Eco Hub

Award Winning Eco Journalist, Speaker, Educator

LinkedIn | Instagram

“Keith has been instrumental in my success. His attention to detail, patience and creativity make him and Moka Labs my first choice for anything website related. Work is always on time and budget is amazing. I’d recommended him in a heartbeat!





What made this project unique?

The Eco Hub’s progress is truly remarkable.

When we met, Candice had a small blog on the WIX platform. I think WIX is great for small static websites, but the platform does have its limitations. It was time to take it up a notch. The images you see above are The Eco Hub’s third iteration, and we couldn’t be happier with the result. Candice knows exactly what she wants and we execute on her vision, adding our pixie dust along the way. It’s a great team effort.

“Keith has coached me in every facet of my business. I learn something new everyday. And it’s made the whole backend experience much less daunting,” Candice.

“As Candice’s web coach, it’s so rewarding to work with someone who’s passionate about a great cause. The journey has been enjoyable and I’ve learned  a lot. I look forward to seeing where Candice and the Eco Hub go from here.”

Keith, Moka Labs


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