If you need a new website, here’s the best advice I can give you:

Please do some homework!

Hi, I’m Keith, founder of Moka Labs.

It breaks my heart when I experience, first-hand, people describing projects that seemed expensive and didn’t work out as expected.

Most failed projects have this common denominator – a lack of planning.

If you jump in too quickly, the odds are higher you will waste money and valuable time re-aligning your project with your expectations.

Before you drop a hefty deposit – we should confirm your expectations are in line with the scope of the project. Otherwise, everyone involved is headed for disappointment. 

To make matters worse, the stress involved with this “website mumbo-jumbo” will be a turn-off.

One of our primary goals here at Moka Labs is we work really hard to make your experience, launching a new website, memorable and enjoyable. This should be a fun and interesting process, with learning and wins along the way.

Here’s what I propose – and I’ll help you.

Spend one week, one hour per day, doing some research (ie. homework).

After one week, (1) you’ll feel empowered to make better decisions, (2) you’ll gain clarity on your needs and goals, and (3) you’ll know what questions to ask when interviewing website designers – with confidence!

Here’s what to do:

1. Join our HOW TO HIRE A WEB DESIGNER mini-course. 

2. Spend one hour per day for five days following our step by step homework.

We’ll send you one email per day for five days with a short to-do list – easy to follow homework for one hour per day – and we’ll guide you step-by-step.

On day 6, I’ll send you our “New Website Worksheet”. This is a comprehensive form we use with all our clients. I’ve personally developed this worksheet over many years of launching new website projects.

Once you have your worksheet completed, you can begin interviewing us and/or other web design companies.

Or, if you’d rather skip the course and jump right in, go to our Project Form, or Book a Call


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